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European Association of
Remote Sensing Laboratories Workshop
At TAU. 16-19.03.2009
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Click HERE to download Prof. Eyal Ben-Dor's presentation of the 6 th EARSel SIG IS workshop: “IMAGING SPECTROSCOPY: has the giant waked up?”

  • Potential applications of satellite IS sensors
  • Existing and future IS missions (e.g., CHRIS, EnMAP, Hyperion)
  • Existing and future airborne IS sensors (e.g., ARES, AVIRIA, APEX)
  • Lessons learned from 20 years of  IS remote sensing
  • Terrestrial ecosystem remote sensing
  • Commercial utilization of IS technology for geology and agriculture applications
  • Limnology and  hydrology using IS technology
  • Ecology and Environmental issues using IS  technology
  • Climate change and IS technology
  • Requirements for different applications (spatial resolution, radiometric performance, spectral and temporal coverage,…)
  • IS data fusion with other sensors (e.g., LIDAR)
  • All kinds of economic aspects of the IS technology
  • Methods and data processing
  • Atmosphere
  • Electro-optics and technical issues
  • Toward commercialization of the IS technology for environmental applications
  • New algorithms for IS image processing
  • Data compression
  • On-board processing
  • Global cal/val activities,
  • Coordination of global data archival and distribution,
  • Near real-time analysis
  • Basic and advanced spectroscopy
  • Quantitative mapping applications
  • Moving from pure science to active business
  • Ground (laboratory and field) Imaging spectroscopy applications
  • Water - inland, coastal, reef and ocean applications
  • Others