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European Association of
Remote Sensing Laboratories Workshop
At TAU. 16-19.03.2009
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The EARSeL SIG-IS workshops, in general, and the one that will be conducted in Tel-Aviv in 2009, in particular, is a special event that is aimed at bringing together groups and individuals from all areas of the IS discipline. The prime objective is to gather, share, and exchange ideas as well as to provide state-of-the-art progress in this technology. Workers from all disciplines dealing with IS technology are welcome and warmly invited to present their up-to-date  achievements.  A short list of possible topics to be discussed in this workshop is as follows: geology, urban mapping, environmental monitoring, algorithms and methodologies, atmospheric science and limnology, agriculture, archeology, soil science, forestry, cryospheric sciences, medicine, sensor development, instrumentation and electro-optics engineering, food science, pharmacology, security defense, spectroscopy, quantitative modeling, and others.

The Intended Audience and the Purpose of This Workshop      
The IS working group is composed of researchers and students (universities and governmental institutes), individuals and groups from private companies, environmental managers and decision-makers, as well as end users.  The workshop has a well-recognized reputation as the leading workshop of its kind, and places very high standards for all its activities. It provides state-of-the-art know-how during the conference. The valuable conference proceedings will be summarized and published in book form. The workshop covers new progress in IS technology (sensors and platforms), innovative applications, missions, and education, and encourages joint activities among participants. It promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience in Imaging Spectroscopy among all participants and bridges gaps among all sectors.  In addition to the highly scientific aspects to which the workshop is committed, special attention is given to foster closer relations among participants via well-organized social activities and events.

The next workshop will take place on March 2009, at Tel-Aviv University. The aim of the current workshop is to open the floor for all kinds of IS activities, from ground to space and to bridge the gap among commercial applications, the optical industry, end-users, and pure science. The workshop is open to both experienced and new participants from all spectral imaging disciplines who wish to contribute and learn new technology.  We strongly encourage the active participation of young students and will provide limited grants for that purpose.